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While I can help virtually anyone, I most enjoy working with people who feel like family.  I know this doesn’t happen overnight, but my goal is to develop a deep, long-lasting relationship with clients.  I work very hard on behalf of my clients and I feel that for me to do my best work, I crave that special connection.

Trust is an important aspect of the relationship. Again, for me to do my best work on behalf of my clients, I need to know what is really going on.  This means they have to be willing to fully disclose their values, goals and concerns as well as assets.  If I don’t have the full story, I can’t help write their happy ending.

In return, I want to earn their trust.  I do this in a number of ways.  Industry designations and continuing education helps me understand both simple and complex situations and keeps me current with the most up-to-date strategies and product solutions. 

Honest communication is paramount.  Just as I expect clients to be honest with me, they can expect that I will be honest with them, honest in whether I think they can reach their goals or not, and in my honest opinion, how to position themselves for the best possible outcome.

Implementation of recommendations is the best way for clients to reach their goals.  I’m not saying that someone should blindly follow my advice and not ever ask any clarifying questions.  Here again, if I know what you want to achieve, what you value most and I am aware of all of the resources available to you to help you achieve your goals, my recommendations will be in alignment with stated values and goals.

Although not imperative, if you graduated from Michigan State University, enjoy cycling or drinking wine or are charitably inclined, this helps too!

If this sounds like the type of relationship you want to have with the person who is tasked with helping you reach your goals, let’s chat.